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    There was lots of fun to be had at this years reunion that was held May 29, 2010 at the VFW Hall park in Fresno, California.  The party was on. Margo and her band Force’ em sang and played and kicked off the party with a bang.  

    Margo always playing her saxophone at every reunion during the 80’s before I had never seen or heard her of her band Force’m,  but this was a real treat,they were Great.  

    There was lots of great food.  All our relatives pitched in bringing and serving food.  There was a balloon toss and lots of prizes were given away free and trust me, free is always good.  

We hadn’t had a reunion for along time, but seeing the faces of our family and getting those long awaited hugs was the best day ever!  

    I recommend every family try to have at least one family reunion, they are lots of fun!

Article by:  Loretta Smith

Family Reunion

Family faces are magic mirrors looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future. -- Gail Lumet Buckley